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Friday Flowers

¬† When we were first married IZ worked in downtown Seattle, just moments from Pike’s Place Market. On Fridays, he would swing by the market on his way home from work and bring me an armful of flowers. ¬†Usually big bunches...

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A New Horizon

Last week IZ whisked me off to Cannon Beach for 2 nights. It was lovely. It’s been ages (since our son was 6?) since we’ve been alone in a hotel room together. We’ve just not had people in our world to leave...

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Surprise Date

Happy Hour at The Supper Club (the bar… so cozy!) This guy… is really sweet! I came home from a trip to Goodwill this afternoon… parcels in hand and he says, “Hey, let’s go out for happy...

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Goodwill is My Anthropologie

The dress code was “business casual” so of course I interpreted that to mean, artsy casual… IZ, my husband who already works ridiculous hours, was invited to be on the board of a local charity. They’re...

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A Little Romance

Found this on Pinterest and then spent an hour looking for the original source. I can’t locate it. . . but if you know, please tell me! A Little Romance: I love Valentine’s Day. Always have, always will. Even when I...

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