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Quick Bread: Seasoned Rolls

This is so easy, it’s practically cheating. Our new go-to bread: I love fresh baked bread. But I’ll be honest; I’m not nearly as good at baking it as I am at eating it! It’s a lot of time invested for a...

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Domesticate Me

Together in the kitchen. Domesticate Me One of the ways I stayed sane living in a hotel this summer was to imagine us back in our renovated home. I kept a Pinterest board of all our design ideas because it kept me focused on the...

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Bake, Baby, Bake

There were three loaves… but, um, we kinda ate one right out of the oven. I’m not sure what got into me today. But I woke up with that over-acheiver mentality that sometimes possesses me in my sleep. I swear,...

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It’s in the Bag

Because apparently, he loves his mother’s Apple Pie. Recently I overheard IZ on the phone with his mother, ” I love two kinds of apple pie. Wende’s, of course,  and yours.”  This is news to me! Because...

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