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Our Annual Camping Trip

This kid took me camping this year! We had a fabulous time–hard to believe he’s almost 18! Geo picked out our site and even paid for our reservation! When did he get to be such a grown up? We had such a lovely time...

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A New Horizon

Last week IZ whisked me off to Cannon Beach for 2 nights. It was lovely. It’s been ages (since our son was 6?) since we’ve been alone in a hotel room together. We’ve just not had people in our world to leave...

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Worth the Endeavor

  Last night, our son was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa — an honor society for scholarship. We’re utterly proud of him, of course. Part of the ritual is to give each inductee a white rose — the symbol of...

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Getting There

At this very moment, our 17 year old is sitting his Physics final. This is the end of his second term at college and his spring break begins just as soon as he’s finished: having completed his Calculus final this morning....

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Seventeen: and not a minute more

Ok, so there should probably be a photo with this post. But, the boy has a social life: so he’s not around today to snap a photo. Maybe later this week?   Geo came home from Christmas shopping last night, “Oh, mom,...

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College Kid

Humoring his mother on the first day of college.   It’s nearly 5 pm and he’s still not home. I’m going to take that as a sign he’s having a GREAT time! I’m in the thick of it here, but crossing my...

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A Rose By Any Other Name

After the ridiculousness of last week, I started to password protect this post. But then decided, it’s my truth. As Ann Lamott has so eloquently said, “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If...

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Happy Halloween

The Brawny Guy says, “Have an Extra Strong Halloween.” This is his last year trick-or-treating. He’s only going because one of his best buddies is a bit younger and wants to uphold their long standing...

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