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A Watercolored World


It’s pouring rain today. We’re expecting a half inch. So, think deluge. But on my way into the house from dropping Geo off at class, I spotted this bloom. The first Cecile Brunner of the year. I climbed into the hedge to snap a photo  — and decided to bring this pretty thing inside.

I’m sopping wet, but it was worth it.

Feed Your Community: Feed the World



No, not blogging here right now. But I wanted to take a moment to point you toward this post over on Mireio. I’m planting seeds this summer to help feed the hungry in my community. I’m hoping you’ll want to join me… so, take a look and let me know. I have seeds just waiting to be sent to YOU! Let’s Feed the WORLD! 

I Couldn’t Resist

I know I’ve posted a ton of photos of The Mighty Columbia… but one more won’t hurt? 

A Window Full of Lilacs

Worth the wait.

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