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Friday night ritual: lots and lots of water. And candles. And an icy cold Manhattan if I can cajole IZ to make one for me while I’m soaking. This has become my Friday night ritual. The water is just beginning to fill the...

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Progress, Not Perfection

Miss Sophie modeling the new paint color. We met with a lawyer yesterday. Informative! And worth the time and energy expended—just for what we learned. This is going to be a slow process but IZ and I are determined to walk...

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Don’t Give Up

Via Ann Shen at Annplified Rally Cry: I’m serving notice to my soul. And to IZ’s. Because right now, we need to remember that giving up is not an option. I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been crazy...

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The Best Wedding Ever

Our niece and her new husband cutting cake. How adorable is it, that their wedding cake is actually cupcakes! Best. Wedding. Ever. I’m pretty sure that was said a thousand times on Saturday. But it really was perfect. The...

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Day Fifty-three: Aromatherapy

Day Fifty-three: Aromatherapy. Thank goodness for Mireio. It’s been hard to be productive and get product shots (or product made!) in the middle of a distasterpiece. I’m seriously pouring candles and dyeing slips in...

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Day Twenty-One: New Frontiers

Day Twenty-one: The Horror. The upside of my posting this photo, is that you can pretty much bet on my blogging again soon and often (if only to get this post off the front page!) Here we go. It’s a new thing for me, for...

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A Pile of Hope

My pile of hope. Vintage tablecloths for the front porch. A girl can dream of sunny weather, right? Observing today: . . . Spring isn’t ready to arrive. Not really. And yet, despite the deluge that has been our weather,...

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Observing today: Mothering seems to be a “two steps forward, one step back” proposition. It’s important to keep that in mind, I think, especially as you parent into the teen years. Sometimes, your child...

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