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I’m Not Judging You. . . Much

Via Thought for the day… or question: “Why do we judge each other?” Especially women judging other women. I get not liking someone. I get not liking what they do, or how they do it.  When that...

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Hello Monday

Hello Monday. We meet again. It’s another Monday and I don’t really have a post. The flowers are pretty, no? IZ bought me roses and I plopped them in a vintage tin for Saturday night’s dinner because I’ve...

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A Good Day

Captured. Today was a good day. Scary, but good. I’m not going to burden the blog with details (email me if you want the dish), but considering our circumstances, today’s meeting went about as well as we could have...

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Good Mojo

Look what arrived in the mail today? Good Mojo! Photo credit and bracelet by the ultra talented Kerri Jones of Ten Things. When Kerri listed her new line of bracelets few weeks ago I knew I wanted one. It felt like a good omen....

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Good Mail

It’s raining buckets. And sheets. And every cliche I can muster—but it’s been a very good mail day! 😀 Photos: 1. Fabric! 2. Martha!! 3. Handmade from a...

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