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Eat Your Veg

Yay for the CSA. I know what we’re doing with everything in the box except for the kale. Any suggestions?

Rumor Has It

We’re expecting a major blow here on the coast tomorrow. Power outages are likely—for how long, is anyone’s guess. I’m frantically doing laundry, have baked a huge raspberry coffee cake, put fresh sheets on the bed, and when I hunt down that dog, she’s getting a bath. We’ve got gas, and fuel, and wood, and each other. I think we’re ready.  So, I’m leaving you with a bit of sunshine in the form of lovely Meyer Lemons (my favorite!) and I’ll catch you on the flip side of this winter gale. In the meantime, if you’re feeling inspired, here’s a wonderful recipe for Lemon bars.

First Snow

I woke to the laughter of little kids discovering snow outside. That sound is lovelier than the snow.

At Dawn

The view at dawn from the bathroom window.

Sing in the New Year

Happy New Year!

Sweater Stash

The weather has turned and I’m feeling that need to bundle up just a bit. Not ready for heavy wool jackets really, but an extra layer wouldn’t hurt. So, I ran up to the house today to grab a stack of cozy sweaters. I forgot exactly what was in my sweater stash, (Tall piles of pale neutrals) and what it smelled like (balsam sachets keep the moths at bay)  Does that happen to you? You know, put things away for a season, only to rediscover them later?  It will be like this again next year when I pull out the summer clothes. Until then, I’m breathing deeply; inhale balsam, exhale bliss. (Take a big sip of latte)

Has summer left your world yet? Have you put away your summer frocks in exchange for cozy sweaters?

Day Twenty-six: Driven to Creamer

Day Twenty-six: we  haven’t even begun demolition, and I’m already hitting the hard stuff.

Day Nine: Curled up with a Cuppa

Day Nine: Curled up in bed with a cup of King Jasmine. Perfect for this blustery rainy day.

It’s Not You, It’s Your Weather

Cecile Brunner climbing my arbor on a Grey day in June.

What’s up with this weather? Oh yeah, it’s June on the North Coast. For those of you who live in diverse climates and are already tanned and complaining about the heat and humidity—I’m trying not to resent you. I kinda do, tho. I see your Facebook status talking about your flirty little sandals and the neato keen colored lights in you pool and I think very, very bad thoughts about you.

I’m sorry. It’s poor form. My sense of ethics and fair play and being genuinely happy for your good fortune is moldy.

I wonder if that would fly in a Great Judgement scenario? Dear God, I was petty and thought malicious things because I was green with mold and envy. There was something in the water, God. It’s not really my fault?!

I’m guessing not. Good thing I don’t put much stock in those scenarios. (God’s going to punt me straight to purgatory and LEAVE me there, don’t bother praying for my water-logged soul.)

Where was I? Oh yeah, you’re enjoying summer and I’m busy resenting you.

Welcome to June.


A grey evening in Astoria (photo credit: IZ)

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