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Self Portrait and Wonky Photos

Not really sure why some photos I upload from my iPad are displaying wonky when viewed on mobile. They just are. And a quick google search suggests that I’m not alone and this has been a known problem since ’11....

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It Speaks for Itself

So. A few years back, an email appeared in my in-box. I wearily looked at the sender and knew, “well, this won’t be good.” But I could not have imagined what was inside. To say it was the most hurtful thing...

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Things Could Escalate

Random flower picture. . .   So, here’s the thing. I’m going to start writing here again. Yeah, you heard me. I’m back. With a vengeance? No, but with a random flower photo. Things could...

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The Good, The Beautiful, The Bliss

This photo was taken for a photo tour of my house a few years back. But I go back to it often, because it sums us up. On the porch, having tea, together.  In a few short days (Saturday) IZ and I will celebrate 22 years together....

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Our Picture

Will you let me take our picture? “Will you let me take our picture?” “Sure? What should I do?” “Just hold my hand.” My head is a jumbled mess. I’ve been reading some amazing writing*...

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Which Are You?

Via Visual Complexity and Amira Skomorowska. Click the Visual Complexity link for the text… it’s so worth reading! Beautiful. I had a fabulous blog post planned for today—and then, it disappeared, as blog posts...

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Day Twelve: Deep Clean

A delicate Forelle from Day Eleven’s Costco run. Day Twelve: Deep Clean I’ve been MIA with my daily photo posts to spare you my misery. I’m in the middle of a deep clean and I’ve not had the time, nor the...

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Preach It

A gift from my son. Which just proves my point, I don’t think this kid is listening to me. Whew! We survived yesterday. On a humorous note, I have to tell you: if this blog’s stats are any indication, there’s a...

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Multi-Tasking: A Blog Round-Up

He’s working. I’m working. Would you call this parallel play? I’ve been crazy busy organizing our life here at Chez Wonder. And, as you well know, organization projects often look worse before they look...

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It’s On My Mind and Then I Lost It

My tea bag is mocking me. Yeah… so a time bomb went off in my body. Everybody talks about how it’s all down hill after 40. I used to think that was all hyberbole. Now I know, they were under selling it. THOSE people...

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Usually I save the punch line for last. You know, drag you through a few 1200 words to deliver the goods or at least something that will explain the title. Yeah, not today. I watched  the season premier of  “Sister...

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