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Guilt Cleaning and the Art of the Apology


This child. Is not a child any longer. Shh… don’t tell his mother.


This child is driving me crazy. By all accounts, anyone as disorganized as he is should be failing out of college. A point I make. Often.  He is excelling, which is annoying. And who does that? Succeeds at Calculus and Physics straight out of the gate? Annoying.

But it all came to a head on Monday morning. 1:30 AM to be exact. After a long weekend, he was “working” on a calculus problem he said was “due” the next day. Um, that he “forgot” about until he “remembered” at 12:45.

I stood in his pitiful room. Looked at all the mounds of clothes and papers and cat hair covered things and my head exploded. Read the rest of this entry »

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