Evidently: Studio Project

Studio Project

Yay!! Mireio is moving. Ok… I’m moving Mireio to its very own space this summer. A sunny, window-lined room that used to be our much neglected gym. I’m going to post my progress here… I hope you’ll follow along.

Update: Now that I’m basically moved in, I’ve reversed the order of the photos so you can see the pretty stuff first. :D There is still a bathroom and the packaging station just outside the studio to be done. I’ll keep you posted.

Moved in… but undecorated! Nothing on my walls and no pillows, but I’m moved in and working!

undecorated2 undecorated3undecorated4



Moving Day One: Fabric and Notions come down the stairs. You can see the working layout and my garden views too.


Third Coat and Trim: Pratt and Lambert’s “Invitational Ivory”

3rd coat and trim1thirdcoat and trim2thirdcoat and trim3

And yes, that is a piece of furniture in the space. One of my storage hutches needed to be painted to match all the others… so down it came, with fear and trembling.

First Coat of Paint: Pratt and Lambert “Aloe”

first coat1first coat 2firstcoat3
The Beginning: Raw Space  and Chalk Lines


7 Responses to “Studio Project”

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    • Melissa:

      Not sure if it’s my computer, but the gray font and gray background are very difficult to read.

      Thanks for all of the sewing machine company info. It was interesting and will hopefully help as I make a purchase.

    • Deb Murphy:

      Some of my classmates in the textile class of Sheridan College in Oakville, Ont, Can, were passing around your link. I thought you would appreciate that you set up and write your pieces with a lot of spunk. Good reading

  • Tanya:

    Love the dog. Is he a Welsh Terrier? I have a half-Airedale half German Shepherd Dog. Her coloring is exactly the same, but her ears stand up, her hair is only curly on her black saddle, and her tail is spectacular. She confuses people. ;-)

    This isn’t on the post you wrote about the world of sewing machines, but I wanted to thank you for it. I used your post and Dress-A-Day’s guide to buying a sewing machine. Instead of a week of indecision and obsessive research, I was able to make my mind up in a few hours.

    • wende:

      Hi Tanya,

      Yes! Miss Sophie is a Welsh Terrier. And I’m so glad you enjoyed the articles and I hope you hare having a wonderful time sewing. If you’re interested, I’m still blogging: I’m just over at http://www.mireiodesigns.com. Hope to see you there. And thank you for your comment. ~Wende

  • It looks amazing! Light and bright and a place to create. I haven’t been here in so long. I’ve missed you! I have had a rough year so far, and it’s so nice to get a breath of fresh coastal air from your blog. I hope you and IZ the college boy (!!!!!) are all well. Maybe next Spring things will be less insane here and I can finally come visit. My own boy (turning 10 tomorrow!!!) really wants to. He’s not the best correspondent (or am I), but he considers your college boy his friend. As I do you.



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