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Category: Thrifty Goodness

That’s A Wrap

This has become my new favorite for wrapping gifts. My old favorite was butcher paper and I’m still a fan. But, like the old standby, vintage pattern paper is extremely versatile. Not to mention economy friendly! I rescued...

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As Promised

I promised  you a little stroll with my mis-adventure in canine couture. And I’m delivering. It’s a first, I know, but there is no need for your mock fainting. Liza Lee said in a comment, “I hope Sophie likes...

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15 Days in April

First, let me say, I really appreciate all the compassion shown in the comments on yesterday’s post. It means a great deal to me. You all responded in ways that are uniquely you. I found myself laughing and then weeping...

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What did you thrift today? Can you believe it’s Thursday already? We’re 10 days into the new year, how are all of you doing on your New Year Resolutions? In these parts, we skipped the traditional naming of...

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November’s light is pale and fleeting. So, when the sun unexpectedly came out today, I snatched up my camera and ran to the only room with real light to try to photograph as much Thrifty Goodness merchandise as the limited...

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It May Be Gray. . .

But I’m attempting not to be gloomy! It’s a very rainy Saturday and I’m busy putting together the final touches on a Thrifty Goodness update. There is so much new stuff to see, but I’m really excited...

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Knee Deep

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was knee deep in china. But, I probably should qualify that statement a bit, as what I’m knee deep in are actually dishes. Mid Century dinnerware to be specific. Lately, I’ve been...

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To Market!

This weekend is shaping up to be absolutely perfect for the opening of the Sunday Farmer’s Market. I can barely contain my enthusiasm, because I mistakenly forgot to stock up on the BEST HONEY in Astoria before the Market...

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