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Category: Overheard

Grow A Pair

Overheard at my house: I don’t know. It’s this stabby pain in my ovary. It’s relentless. ~Oh, I hate it when that happens. You hate it when your ovaries hurt? You have those now? ~I have sympathetic ovaries. ....

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Boy Wonder: “So with my computer locking up it was like déjà vu from that episode of Andromeda. . .” Me: “Wait, wait, wait. You can’t have déjà vu from a television show. Even if it is Science...

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Overheard at my house. . .    Boy Wonder: “Mom, could you get Picasso ice cream?” Me: “Picasso ice cream?” Boy Wonder: “Yeah, you know, it has chocolate and cherries. . . ” Me: “The...

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He Could Give Lessons

  In Step   Me: “You know, I don’t think our bedroom is all that girly.” IZ: “Uh huh. . .” Me: “In fact, I’d say it’s the most masculine it’s ever been.” IZ:...

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For The Birds

IZ: You know this colon cleansing stuff is for the birds. Oh, I know what all those woo-woo health people say, but seriously? They  can keep their clean colons. I’ll take mine dirty any day! I’m proud to say that...

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Don’t Tell

Boy Wonder: “I like that movie.” Me: “Seriously? You like ‘The Sound of Music’?” Boy Wonder: “Yeah. Why? You don’t?” Me: “Meh. You are so not my child. You are your...

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It’s Good to Be Five

Yesterday, I had the most delightful conversation with my favorite five year old on the planet. Five is such a special age; but this little boy takes my breath away. When he was three, he drew me a picture chock full of golden...

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Boy Wonder: “Ack! Listen to that girl screeching on the radio. That’s terrible! She’s not going to have much of a career singing like that!” Me: “Well, this is one of her first hits. She’s...

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