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Category: It’s a Dog’s Life

Fuzzy. . . Not

Before: Miss Sophie on the way to the Groomers. She’s fuzzy and she has no idea what’s in store for her. AFTER: Finally! After 4 years of trying, we finally scored a grooming slot at Hammond Groomers. I was excited...

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Vermin Hunting

Look at me being all drama queen down there. A big thank you to those of you who left comments and sent email and notes on facebook—I have a lovely set of friends. Y’all amaze me. I’m going to be OK–but...

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I Only Live Here

It’s a good thing you’re cute. That’s all I’m saying, dog. Dear Sophie, You do not belong on my bed, in my studio, or in the laundry. Knock it off. And, yes, I know Snickers does it too, but we’re...

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Caption This: UPDATED

UPDATED: Ms. Pamela of the lovely Beancounters went so far as to make a poster. Way to play along, Pam. Gold Star for YOU! This dog has us in stitches. She has a serious addiction to a new bone she demands we keep in stock. I...

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As Promised

I promised  you a little stroll with my mis-adventure in canine couture. And I’m delivering. It’s a first, I know, but there is no need for your mock fainting. Liza Lee said in a comment, “I hope Sophie likes...

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Hunting Vermin

Snickers doesn’t get much face time on this blog. Mostly, because she’s IZ’s cat and torments my dog enough to keep me in an almost perpetual state of peeved. It’s an unfair relationship, really. Because...

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Why Yes, Yes You Do

This weather is glorious! I had a chance to get out in it yesterday and found myself wandering into LaDeDog… oh. my. Heaven. Yes, yes, I have serious problems. For starters, I adore a dog who barely tolerates me. But I...

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