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I’m No Fool

Wende almost turning 40 and the man who apparently takes life advice from small cartoon crickets. IZ: So. Forty! Happy Birthday. Me: Sigh. Yeah, half way there. IZ: What? Half? No! More like a third! Me: A third? Are you crazy?...

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He Could Give Lessons

  In Step   Me: “You know, I don’t think our bedroom is all that girly.” IZ: “Uh huh. . .” Me: “In fact, I’d say it’s the most masculine it’s ever been.” IZ:...

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For The Birds

IZ: You know this colon cleansing stuff is for the birds. Oh, I know what all those woo-woo health people say, but seriously? They  can keep their clean colons. I’ll take mine dirty any day! I’m proud to say that...

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Signs. . .

. . . that you have no life: You leave yet another snarky comment on a 10 year old’s YouTube video about how he tagged his video as “origami” when clearly it isn’t. What, the first few objections weren’t enough? . . ....

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Happy Birthday, Baby!

Happy Birthday, Baby! I love you to pieces. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Now, could you please stop telling people that I “robbed the cradle”? Seriously, 4 months, buster, 4 months does not...

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Interested in how I start my day every morning?? Yes, that’s right, I start my day with a yummy mocha made by the ever wonderful, IZ. It’s nice to be spoiled. Turns out, my information guru of a husband has been ever...

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Too Much Information (Updated)

(This article was updated 2/2008. For more information please see The Embroiderer Strikes Back.) The men in my life suffer from TMI syndrome. Ask them a simple question and the gears in their heads begin clicking away and before...

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