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Category: Changes

The Box Said Chocolate

I think this look works for me. Maybe I’ll start walking around with my face half covered. After 25 years, I’m leaving the ranks of redheads and going brunette. Or, I’m trying to: the box said chocolate. I...

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Making Space

Got Cake?   Some of you have probably noticed that I started a new blog. I know. So much fanfare from this self-professed diva, you could just die, right? I meant to write about this a long time ago. But this week? Yeah, this...

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The Beginning of a New Year

Happy May Day!   Once again, it’s May Day. Once again, my beloved lilac trees have refused to cooperate with my timing. Still in bud form, we’re probably two weeks from bloom. It’s sad, really—I had...

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Letting Go: The Plan

I’m feeling a bit under pressure lately. It’s all internal, mind you.  There are no thugs hanging at my door wanting explanations as to where my payment is. Yet, I’m feeling the pinch, the squeeze, the. . ....

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Letting Go

On this last day of January, “The Monday of the Year*”, I’m sitting with all the potential change in my life. And I find it easily overwhelming when I start paying attention to the perpetual loop eight-tracks...

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Ugly Feet

I love this photo, even if it is completely disingenuous. Looking at it, you might think that blue skies have arrived here in the northwest, but that wouldn’t be true. Instead, we got a rare sun-break Sunday. Long enough...

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Itty bitty glitch on the site. Ok, it’s a bigger glitch than that. But we’re going to pretend otherwise. Apparently, all your lovely comments are going directly to my spam filter. Some of your comments are gone...

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Dear Anonymous

For the rest of you who aren’t anonymous: I guess this should have been the 7th bullet point on that last post; because I’ve been laughing all night. People never cease to amaze me—even the crazy ones. 😀...

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It’s Not You. . .

It’s my server. I managed to forget this little bit of information in my post last night; Evidently’s server was going down for security upgrades from 8pm-4am last night. Rumor had it, my site was supposed to be...

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How to Comment

I’ve had a couple of people inquire via email about how to comment on this site. I thought perhaps there might be a few of you who also may be having trouble locating the comment feature. It’s a bit tricky to find as...

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