Winter Through My Dirty Windows













Maybe I’ll clean the windows in the Spring.


Darlin’ don’t leave me out here in the cold
I’m begging you baby don’t leave me out here on my own

I’ll die,
If you don’t hold me tight
I couldn’t make it outside
If I tried,
So please let me in lover,
Be kind

Darlin’ don’t desert me in here it’s so dark
Don’t leave me here darlin’ don’t you know I can’t stand to part

Oh but I’ll stay,
If you promise to keep me safe,
I can’t make it alone,
I’m afraid,
Oh my angel just don’t go away

Please, don’t leave me out here in the cold
No, no please don’t leave me out here on my own

Out Here In the Cold ~ Goyte 

2 Responses to “Winter Through My Dirty Windows”

  • I have dirty windows too!! I can only tell when it’s sunny out and it hasn’t been lately. 🙁

  • wende:

    Aww… Margaret. You are a faithful friend! Thank you for commenting.

    As for the windows, those are on the 3rd floor and are painted shut — which is why they have never been cleaned. I think I’m getting too old to climb up a latter that tall. At this point, tho, I don’t really need curtains, eh? 😀

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