For These Moments

For These Moments


My adorable Sisters-In-Love braved the gusty winds and torrential rain to visit. Bringing with them my gorgeous niece and her baby. This was the perfect way to celebrate!  Iz and I got our baby fix.

Barbara Kellie, who is just 15 months walked straight into my kitchen and asked to be picked up. I was rolling out pastry dough, so I scooped her up and we gave the quiche crust a few rolls together.

Sigh, I live for these moments.

2 Responses to “For These Moments”

  • I love babies too! I want grandchildren! You are so beautiful, Wen. How is your hair(and your smile) always so perfect?

    • wende:

      You’re so kind, Margaret. It’s funny, I don’t see that when I look at my pictures. I feel like my photos are always really awful! And I look at yours and you always look so adorable in them (exactly as I remember you!). I think it’s probably more about how we see ourselves, eh? :D You and I should switch “goggles” and not be so hard on ourselves! :D

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