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Our little family at the Ocean. . . a little trip to Manzanita last Saturday


So, it’s the New Year. Is your list of resolutions as long as mine? I figure I’ll wittle it down a bit and then maybe talk about it. This is a big year for me: turning 44 and that seems like a magical number. Worthy of big intentions and endeavoring.

But for now, I’m just hanging out with my little family, watching murder mysteries, and avoiding all the chores I should be doing.

Should is such an ugly word, anyhow.

But this much I will give you, I’m easily charmed. And I think, if I can remember that this year — or even be motivated by it, there is hope.

What I am not, at nearly 44, is a risk taker. Little things make me happy and change is not my friend. Not for the reasons you might think: I’m happy for things to be different. I’m just essentially lazy.  If you want to make it different, I’m down with that. If you want ME to make it different, I can’t hear you.

Example A: Any suggestion of moving, I immediately shudder and sputter: “I’m going to die in this house. In fact, I hate moving so much, they’ll bury me in the back-yard because it’s too much effort otherwise.”

This is not true, of course. I suspect a move is closer than even I can imagine. But, oh, how I hate the idea of packing. And that’s just one example.

My in-laws are in their late 70’s early 80’s and they are the epitome of change resistant. They’ve earned it. It’s not a criticism, but an observation. And a realization, that in my  mid-40’s I’m well on the road to saying, “Oh, that’s too much of a bother.”   Over the holidays, IZ and his sister were chatting via FaceTime and my FIL just waved his hand… it’s not for him.  I can identify, I feel the same way about cell phones. I practice that hand-wave, often.


So, I don’t know how I’ll cut down my list of to-do’s, must change, resolve to endeavor: but one thing is very clear to me. It’s time to face my fears and embrace this notion of change. This crazy idea of being connected to the outside world . 2014 may indeed be the year Wende gets a cell phone. (you should know I’m breaking out in a cold sweat just typing that sentence. Let’s just move, OK?!)

And no, I will not give you my phone number. I said I was easily charmed. Not stupid.

3 Responses to “Easily Charmed”

  • IZ:

    Should is such a tough word. I’m whittling down the list from what I should do to what I will do.

    Of course there’s what I want to do but that’d tough to do if the shoulds and the wills make life difficult to pursue the wants. But I suppose that’s an entirely different conversation, right?

    As for risk taking – I’m all for calculated risks but you won’t catch me jumping out of an airplane this year. 😉

  • Change is always difficult. I have a cell phone, but not a SMART one. I keep telling myself I want one, then I go into the Verizon store and get cold feet. Where would you move to? 🙂

    • wende:

      I can’t imagine actually BUYING one. But, it’s probably coming. Mostly, I just don’t want to get locked into that mindset. And the phone is emblematic for me.

      As for moving: hard to say. We could easily be here another 10 years. But I could just as easily see us up and moving once Geo is done with college. As to where: no clue… I’m open. As long as it doesn’t involve me packing boxes. Hee.

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