A Prayer for 4 A.M.


I posted this on Facebook this morning. I’m counting it as today’s blog post because I’m sleep depraved. ~~Wende

A Prayer for 4 A.M.

Creator God,

It’s 4 am. I woke up to a dog doing really disgusting things and I find myself up at our demolished house working on the order from hell. Hey, at least I escaped the smell.

And the thing is, God, it’s only Wednesday and already, it’s been a REALLY crappy week. I have friends who were shot, diagnosed with cancer, and facing extraordinarily hard transitions in their lives. Parents who are slipping away, and children uncertain of their futures, and, and, and.

It kinda stinks, God. I mean, more than what I woke up to, God. And I have to wonder. . . can you smell it too?

So, here’s what I’m asking, God. Blow a fresh breeze into the lives of those I love. A healing wind. A calming spirit. A fresh perspective. And, where it is applicable, a mysteriously but well-placed can of Lysol.

Because, God, it’s 4 am.

6 Responses to “A Prayer for 4 A.M.”

  • Hoping for the breeze to blow on me and on my family, especially my husband. He needs some healing. Hope Sophie is OK.

  • wende:

    He certainly does!!

  • Amen.

    Adding your friends next to your name to my prayer list. We walked the entire high school (1200 teenagers) down the street for mass this morning without accident or disrespectful incident so I’m feeling like God’s close-by and ready to hear… Much love!

    • wende:

      Carly, that’s a minor miracle! And yes, please, prayers are always welcomed. We’ve had a hard day! (and I owe you email!!)

  • IZ:

    Amen. Though I have to say, your candles really help. So, thank you for being the embodiment of God by taking that extra step. It made yesterday a bit more bearable.

    • wende:

      Yeah, I’m trying to figure out how to tactfully include this bit of info in my product descriptions. “Eliminates the smell of bad doggy poop” just doesn’t have that Mireio ring to it! 😀

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