Vermin Hunting

Look at me being all drama queen down there. A big thank you to those of you who left comments and sent email and notes on facebook—I have a lovely set of friends. Y’all amaze me. I’m going to be OK–but I’ll send a group email when I have answers. Until then, we pray and pray and laugh at crazy dogs. It’s good therapy.

4 Responses to “Vermin Hunting”

  • IZ:

    Group dog therapy and ocean views. Nothing better for what ails you… well, except for chocolate cake.

  • HG:

    Um.! (Don’t tell her I said that)

  • That’s because we love you!! And you have most certainly been there in my tough times. I wish I could help and may just do so anyway!! 🙂

  • I happen to love your drama-queenieness! You don’t dramatize very often – you are more than allowed once in a while – and lord knows you have buoyed my spirits on many an occasion…

    That dog has charmed me beyond words. I officially love her.

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