I Only Live Here

a visit from miss sophie

It’s a good thing you’re cute. That’s all I’m saying, dog.

Dear Sophie,

You do not belong on my bed, in my studio, or in the laundry. Knock it off. And, yes, I know Snickers does it too, but we’re not talking about the cat. We’re talking about you. You, I still have some control over. Oh, and could you work on pooping the first time someone walks you in the rain? Thanks.

Dear Snickers,

We get it, you’re hell’s little minion. Now, stop corrupting the dog or I’m going to get you generic cat food the next time I’m at the store.

6 Responses to “I Only Live Here”

  • IZ:

    Said Snickers to Sophie, “See -it IS easier to ask for forgiveness than permission…”

  • That IS a very cute face though. It would be difficult to remain angry. 🙂

  • If reasoning with your cat proves successful, I will pay you money for a web-lecture series…. 😀

  • HG:

    We have hell’s minion too. She’s just so cute and furry and cuddly and purry. I just try not to remember when she’s licking me that she kills the occasional cockroach or mouse with that mouth (ah city life).

    That’s OK. Payback’s a bitch. Well not a bitch since the puppy will be male. Muahahahaha.

  • Would you consider giving a talking to, to my two devils consorts? They are REALLY getting on my last nerve. PO’d at each other all the time and last night I almost stepped on a centipede. In the kitchen. With NO warning from either of them.

  • Dear Indy (aka Basement Cat): Please stop corrupting Snickers, who is corrupting Sophie, which is making Wende write letters to her pets. Love, Emily

    PS The puppy is adorable. Be nice!

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