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UPDATED: Ms. Pamela of the lovely Beancounters went so far as to make a poster. Way to play along, Pam. Gold Star for YOU!

This dog has us in stitches. She has a serious addiction to a new bone she demands we keep in stock. I swear, she walks around with one of those things in her mouth and she looks like she’s smoking a cigar. “See my  bone, my bone, my bone?” Yeah, we see it Miss Sophie. It’s a slimy mess. I think she chews on both ends just to make it harder for us to grab.

And she’s gaining weight.  IZ insists on carrying her around like a suitcase. “Geeze, Soph, you weigh a ton!”  So, we’ve been calling her Pudgums.

She hates us.

Anyhow, go ahead and caption this photo. I’ll print mine and IZ’s later, but I’m curious what you’ll say.

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