Hey Lady Can I Hitch a Ride?


Look who I found lurking in my laundry.

8 Responses to “Hey Lady Can I Hitch a Ride?”

  • FANTASTIC photo. That bug sure does has a sense of style.

    Doesn’t he? I think he’s ever so fashionable! ~W

  • That thing’s cousin is living in the curtains in our bedroom. I’ve taken tons of photos of it, and can’t bear to shake it out the window because it’s so amazing up close. But it gives me the creeps, too.

    All that being said, your yard looks freaking amazing. Makes me want a yard…

    Thanks, Susan! I put the poor thing back outside–I think he’d been in the laundry for at least a day and had gone kinda dormant. But man did he come to life when he got outside! ~W

  • Wow–it matches the sweater nicely. However, I DO NOT like bugs of any sort. I’m thankful that I visited Ashley in Senegal(more deserty, so fewer critters) rather than Togo–which is hot and humid. (filled with big bugs!!)

    Yeah, I don’t know how it found that sweater–but I’m guessing it was because it felt safe on it. Critters don’t bother me, much. But BIG bugs, well that’s a different story. ~W

  • Beautifully color coordinated! Beetles come in wonderful colors and this is a great photo. Now I’m going to browse your Etsy store, recognizing that I am mostly a window shopper at this point in my life but waiting for the time I’m furnishing that Asheville house! and I love to keep track of what’s new.
    I’m such a fan of Beetles, the bug. The band, not so much. ~W

  • You even color-coordinate your bugs? LOL

    What a pretty surprise 🙂

    Yes, and when you visit YOU will have to color coordinate with my sweater. Love, Kitty. (hahahaha!)

  • HG:

    Hmmm. What a paradox of beauty and ick.

    Ha! Spoken like a mother of girls. Hee. I swear a boy totally changes your perspective on bugs. Or, it did mine! 😀 ~W

  • He goes with your sweater! Didn’t people used to put those on leashes or something as jewelry? Anyway, you need this pin, although it’s not nearly as pretty.

    I certainly think they’re beautiful enough to be jewelry! ~W

  • shiny.
    we don’t have those here.
    Really? I adore beetles. Especially these. They’re so green and blue and beautiful. ~W

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