I’ll be back tomorrow with words and more photos. But I thought you’d like a sneak peek of what I’ve been up to for the past few days. Channeling my inner Tom Sawyer! And let me tell you, kids these days are not so easily duped into painting fences.  (neither are grown men!)

11 Responses to “Fenced!”

  • IZ:

    Wow. That looks fantastic! From the photo – it is clear that the grays are correct. You have a “before” photo (white house) somewhere on your blog from a similar angle, don’t you?
    Here’s the photo from the MLS listing. http://www.evidently.org/2005/this-life/close-already/ It’s changed a lot since we moved in.

  • Amy:

    Nice! I love the blue. 🙂

    Thank you! The light makes it look very blue–but it’s really in the gray family. ~W

  • wow! it’s gorgeous. love the decorations too. i love houses with character.

    Thank you! I was sick over Memorial Day, but that didn’t stop me from putting up bunting. I’m still considering making “seasonal” bunting so I can have it up all year. Heh. ~W

  • That looks beautiful!! A haven.

    It’s coming together. I have a whole lot of planting to do tomorrow. 20+ plants to put in the ground. 😀 ~W

  • Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Thanks, Liza! ~W

  • That fence looks tangy! 😆

    (Come on, it’s me. What’d you expect?)

    (Looks great, though. Seriously.)

    Hahahah! IZ and I have been laughing at your comparison. Because you’re right. Painting that picket anything but white is a risk. But it blends so much better. And white shows so much grime, I wasn’t willing to go there. ~W

  • That’s purty!

  • Wow. That is extremely impressive and beautiful all at the same time. How fantastic do you feel about yourself?!?! It’s awesome curb appeal to be sure!!
    It has fantastic curb appeal! Which is a GOOD thing, especially if I ever decide to bust out of this town. *wink* ~W

  • Straight out of a magazine!

    Thanks Suzy! It’s been a lot of hard work, but we’re loving it! ~W

  • That is just beautiful! The whole thing just looks so homey and gorgeous.

    Picket fences are important. A 12 year old child here died of cancer last week. His last wish? A white picket fence for his family’s home. He got it. I know this comment isn’t exactly uplifting, but I couldn’t help thinking of that when I saw your photo.

    Myself? At this point I’d like a nice electrified fence of some sort…I’m toooo close to downtown!

    Oh, that’s actually very touching. It’s a good reminder to know you’re living someone else’s dream–makes you appreciate it a bit more. 😀 ~W

  • That just looks stunning!! Martha would be so proud!

    Yay for Martha! And YAY you! Congratulations on all that graduating! 😀 ~W

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