The Beginning of a New Year

Happy May Day!


Once again, it’s May Day. Once again, my beloved lilac trees have refused to cooperate with my timing. Still in bud form, we’re probably two weeks from bloom. It’s sad, really—I had plans. Beautiful bouquets to deliver and traditions to uphold.  But then, I always have plans. I’m consoling myself with this lilac infested header IZ put up for me last night. I’m liking the new look!

Some of those plans included blogging this week—and blogging about blogging! I have a lot to say, really. I’m just finding it hard to find the words. This week marks the beginning of my 8th year blogging. I’ll pause to let you take that in. Yep! I’ve been at this since 2002 (and a year before that on a funky MSN community page!)  I had every intention of celebrating this moment with you. But it didn’t happen, did it? 

I will confess, I’ve been a bit preoccupied. I cannot keep my store stocked. That’s a good thing; but in addition to Mireio, I’ve been in my yard digging trenches. People, let me tell you, that’s a work-out. We are busy digging so that an electrician can come and replace the old lines. Lines, for the record, that were only buried 6″ deep and totally exposed. I shuddered when I discovered it. 


Before and After

New lines should come in next week—and that means new lighting to the front yard! I’m pretty excited about that as it also means I’ll now be powered to go all Grizwald at the holidays. New lighting has put us to the task of pulling out even more old growth specimens. It’s been a stunning discovery to find these massive bushes have root structures leading 20 feet out. It’s no wonder my retaining wall is starting to show stress and the concrete walkway is crumbling. 

Out they went. There is something so therapeutic about demolition. It’s cathartic, if exhausting!  Of course, I uncovered the lamppost and decided it needed replacing. That’s how it works, right. One project leads to another.  Lather, rinse, repeat. 

I hope you’ll forgive me for not blogging this week. The yard work has been all consuming, leaving me little energy to actually write! But,  I do have some things to say about the whole endeavor of writing for the universe and what I’ve learned from the exercise. (As well as exploring where I want to go in the next year) But that will have to wait, dear friends.  However,  I would be remiss to completely neglect this moment in my blogging life. And if you’ve read this whole thing, you deserve to be rewarded!  

In honor of 7 fabulous years of blogging and all the amazing connections I’ve made—and to mark the beginning of a New Year, I’m having a little give away.

In just the past month I’ve sold at least 10 Spa and Travel pillows. They’re a hot item at Mireio—and I thought you might like a chance to win one from my newest line. Filled with fragrant lavender and uber cushy buckwheat hulls, these pillows are divine. And people are raving, go see my feedback! This fabric is vintage 1940’s California Handprint cotton and it’s STUNNING! Anyhow, I’m giving away a spa pillow made in this limited edition fabric (the one pictured is actually listed for sale, but the fabric pattern is identical!). All you have to do is comment! (and if you don’t want it for you—Ahem, Mother’s Day is right around the corner!)

I’ll draw a winner and announce it on Monday, 4 May.  Until then, I’m going to do laundry. My neglectful ways always seem to include blogging and laundry.  I’d promise to be better about both in the future—but I think we all know what happens to my plans. 

45 Responses to “The Beginning of a New Year”

  • HG:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! And I’m so pleased that your shop is doing so well.

    You know, it’s doing better than I would have imagined. I’m too slow, of course. But it’s all good. Thanks for the love, Heather. (I miss you and your cherubs on your blog!) ~wende

  • Congrats to you! Love your blog & the BOE!

    Yay!! I’m glad you follow TBOE. It’s a lot of fun to do! ~W

  • Okay, now that is one gorgeous spa pillow! And I LOVE lavender! Congrats on your anniversary!

    Thanks so much NikkyLee! (love your name, too!) ~wende

  • I have always loved your products. I’m so happy for you. Here’s to a long and prosperous career.
    Thank you so much, Beth!! ~wende

  • IZ:

    Pretty, pretty! Love your look! Of course, I did nothing -it is ALL your fantastic photography at work! 😀

    Oh, baby—you’re too modest. You know I love you more than I love large garden equipment, right? ~Wende

  • Cate:

    No wonder they are popular, they’re gorgeous!!

    Thanks, Cate!! 😀 ~Wende

  • Alex:

    I was expecting big nuts but this is even better!

    Congrats on your 7-year anniversary! That’s a long haul. Here’s to the next 7!

    Nutz! I should have thought about that. 😀 I swear, I’m going to do an Acorn inspired line someday and call it Quirke. 😀 Thanks for playing along. ~wende

  • These photos are so lovely… happy may day to you as well!!


    Thanks, sweetie!! See you on Twitter! ~wende

  • Congratulations on seven years! What a milestone. I would totally love this pillow for an armchair in my bedroom. It would be beautiful there!

    It sounds like it would have a happy home!! Thanks so much for your well wishes. ~wende

  • It’s stunning! Happy, sunny and pretty!

    Congrats on seven years of blogging! That’s amazing!

    Thanks so much, Kerri! I appreciate you spreading the word on Twitter!! ~Wende

  • Look at you: blogger/artist/garden person extraordinaire. This is a beautiful post! Happy anniversary and happy May Day to you, dear Wende.

    Yeah, I’m rocking the productivity scale right now. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back to my slacker ways soon, I’m sure. Hahahaha. And thanks, Vicki! I appreciate the kind words. 😀 ~Wen

  • However, I would be remiss to completely neglect this moment in my blogging life. And if you’ve read this whole thing, you deserve to be rewarded!

    If you mean the whole post, yes. Yes I did read the whole thing. If you mean the whole blog, well … no. But I’ve read a lot of it, does that count?

    As for the spa pillow, pick me! (and MoC) Pick me! (and MoC)!
    Happy May … may you get lots of sunshine 😀

    WHAT?? You’ve not read every single word I’ve written. I’m shocked and so disappointed. (wink wink). Heh. That you read any post counts, dear one. I’m holding good job thoughts for you. Hug that lovely mom of yours, m’kay? 😀 ~wende

  • That fabric is freakin’ amazing
    and your products are always divine.
    What a great combination!

    Congrats on 7 years! I feel like such a blogging newbie now.

    Every day blogging is a success, Suzy. It’s so hard to be “out there” for the world. So, keep it up! And I’ve totally enjoyed getting to know you. I didn’t tell you, I used some of that fabric you sent in a line of Honeymoon Travel pillows–they sold out almost immediately. Now I have to make MORE!! ~Wende

  • What lovely fabric…I can almost breathe in the delectable scent of lavender. I found you through the blog of my dear friend StacySix, and have been enjoying your writing very much. I am dreaming of a perfect home for that delightful pillow.

    Oh, thanks so much for your comment, Alison. It’s nice to know who is reading. ~wende

  • Buckwheat hulls…they remind me of the pillows I used when visiting relatives in Japan! With the awesome lavender fragrance, I can feel myself drifting off already…

    Congrats on your 7th anniv blogging! I am also enjoying your daily tweets 🙂

    They are so therapeutic! Thank you so much, Noriko. 😀 ~wende

  • Wendy:

    Congrats on your anniversary! Love following you on Twitter.

    I’ve so enjoyed following you on Twitter and FB. Love all your fabulous phone photos! 😀 Blessings, Wende

  • lara:

    Congrats on 7 years of blogging! And you pillows are awesome… I love the Vintage flair!

    Thanks!! I’m such a fan of vintage. I’ve been hooked since I was 16 and bought my first chair. Thanks so much for the kind words. ~Wen

  • Seven years!! Congrats and thanks for having such a great giveaway.

    Thank you, and you’re most welcome! ~wen

  • Woman, I am thrilled for you… for a million reasons. Seven years and sewing and life and lilacs and everything else good and wonderful.

    You have become so very dear to me…
    blessings to you at the beginning of this ‘new year’!

    I love you too, Katie. *smooch*. ~wende

  • Congrats on 7 years of blogging! Keep up the great work, your blog is always a delightful read. Your shop looks beautiful as always, I’d love to have one of everything!!

    Jodie, YOU ROCK! Thank you so much for telling your readership about my blog and giveaway. I so appreciate all your kindness and support of Mireio. It’s fabulous to have you in my corner. ~wen

  • Seven years, that’s an amazing feat! Good for you!

    Thank you!! It’s been a journey. 😀 ~Wen

  • jen wallace:

    Congrats, sweetie! Love following you on twitter and checking out your blog when I get a chance.

    Thanks Jen! I’ve so enjoyed our Twitter fun. And I AM going to be doing a Buckaroo Banzai Best of Etsy. Hee! ~Wen


  • 7 years and no itch yet- that’s quite a blogging feat! ;D congrats! your work is beautiful!!! lavender is my absolute favorite. i would love this fine spa pillow to complete my special sun room chair where i take my time drinking coffee on saturday mornings (when my hubby is around to take over my usual morning routine with the 3 little ones!)…lavender is instant relaxation! thank you kindly, heaps and heaps for this generous giveaway to celebrate. all good wishes

    Yeah, I’ve had my fair share of “itches”. In fact, I’ll be blogging about that later this week.

    And I love the fact you told me how you’d use the pillow! That’s fabulous. I like knowing people USE what I make. Form and function. Blessings to you and your little family.


  • Congrats on SEVEN years of blogging! That’s quite an achievement!

    How is it that you and I love so many of the same things? Lavender pillows, lilac blossoms, all the beautiful things you find on Etsy… 🙂

    Ahh… I do believe we’re kindred spirits, Xi. I do! Thanks for all your support of Mireio. And I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you better on Twitter. ~Wen

  • Very inspiring blog!! I will surly be visiting again soon.

    Oh, please do! I love new readers. It’s fun to have new perspectives and voices. Blessings! ~wende

  • You’ve been hard at work, Miss Wende. I’m looking forward to the blogging about blogging post. Me, I’m all kinds of conflicted after only 4 years in the trenches.

    I sensing you are not alone, in being conflicted, Mary! My post on blogging will probably be up on Tuesday. And thank you!! 😀 ~Wen

  • Digging trenches and blogging about it surely requires a reward of your own. I hope you have a spa pillow of your own. I alas do not have one and would like one, so pick me. Happy anniversary!

    My entire wee clan has their own pillow. We don’t travel without them. 😀 And thank you for the well wishes!! ~Wende

  • Kate:

    O me me! I can feel it under my aching neck right now.

    Oh, your poor back!! Hang in there. ~W

  • yay! How beautiful! I love your products!!! 🙂 And your twitters! 🙂

    Ah, thanks Kristen! I so love Twitter, don’t you? It’s so much fun. Thanks for coming by and playing along. It’s nice to hear from my Twitter friends! ~W

  • Love your blog and congrats on your milestone. Love the pillow, it’s so pretty.
    Thank you!! I hope you’ll come back and read often. Thanks for the well wishes and for playing along!! ~Wende

  • I don’t even remember how long it’s been for me–about 4 years, I think. Your blog has changed a lot since I first started reading (from Pops) and your writing has grown. Digging would be therapeutic, but not so great for the back! Love the new header.

    I’d like to think this blog (and me by extension) has evolved and grown. And I’m looking forward to next week when I get to put all that soil back! ~W

  • I love your stuff…also, I love the pictures of your stuff. Like, I just want to curl up in that windowsill every single time I see it.

    Yeah, that window is getting a lot more exposure than I ever intended! It’s just the only place with decent light on these long grey winter/spring days. I’m looking forward to summer when I can find new shots!! And thanks, darlin’. I know you’re busy with wedding plans–but GUILT–I miss you on Twitter!! ~W

  • Oh congratulations on all the years of blogging!! I consider myself so fortunate to have found you as well…I am typing like the wind because my internet is wonk-o-rama at the house and I am crossing my fingers that I can get this comment through to you!!

    Yay! It got through. And do I know wonk-0-rama. My laptop did that to me right before it died. SAD!! Hope you get it figured out. 😀 ~W

  • Connie:

    Love your new look it is so you wow I am always amazed at your photos. Hope you have another 7 years of blogging your always insightful. The house is looking beautiful, all your hard work is paying off.

    Well, I’m kinda hoping all the yard work pays off on my waistline! OOF. My injured ankle has kept me out of the gym for months–and I’m tired of it. So, I’m “working -OUTside” 😀 ~W

  • 7 years? Oh my. We’ve come such a long way in just a couple :). Whoever wins that pillow is one lucky person. I love mine so much!!

    Yay!! You’re blogging again. That makes me uber happy. Off to relink your blog!! And thanks, Wendee!! ~W

  • Treva:

    Congrats! That’s a lot of sticktuitiveness (is that a word?)! I can’t seem to get started…laundry and plumbing leaks and children expand to fill all my time somehow…but maybe someday I will be able to write and share and maybe, if I’m lucky, my blog will be as lovely as yours.

    Happy May!

    Well, if wasn’t a word before it is now! I had a college professor say to me at graduation, “You were not the brightest student I had–but you were the most persistent.” He meant stubborn, I think! 😀 ~W

  • Keri:

    Gorgeous. Happy Anniversary and Happy May Day!

    Thanks Keri! ~W

  • Heidi:

    Now THAT is an award-winning header!

    IZ does such nice work. I’m a lucky girl!! ~W

  • wow ! that’s a lot of blogging, congratulations. May your well of words never run dry!
    It is a lot of blogging. Isn’t it? 😀 ~W

  • Oh I envy your lilac bush – I wish there was smell-a-vision!
    Congrats on your blog anniversary!


    My “bush” is a 20′ Tree! It’s stunning and fragrant and a beloved treasure. It bloomed last night and I am absolutely elated! ~W

  • Love that fabric. My lilacs never cooperate with me in any way, shape, or form. I think I need to read up on them. Congrats on 7 years of blogging! You rock!

    Thank you so much Liza. As for my lilac–I had nothing to do with it being glorious. I’m reaping the rewards of someone else’s good work! ~W

  • Robin Ball:

    41 comments! I thought your blog was just for me! ;-]
    congratulations on your anniversary, heck I just learned how to email last year. I just love your photos. 🙂

    It’s such a short season, I tend to over do on the lilac photos. But soon, they’ll be gone. And we’ll miss them. ~W

  • oooh, I may be too late for the winning! But, they look lovely!!!

    Thanks Amanda! I hope all is well with you. ~wende

  • retrolove80:

    Congratulations!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, your products are stunning:)


    Jenny, thank you! And for promoting it. 😀 ~wende

  • Jennifer M:

    Gosh, this is somethign I love to win! I don’t get much for Mother’s Day…my choice, due to budgeting, but a surprise would be lovely!

    Good luck! ~wende

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