Overheard at my house. . . 


Boy Wonder: “Mom, could you get Picasso ice cream?”

Me: “Picasso ice cream?”

Boy Wonder: “Yeah, you know, it has chocolate and cherries. . . ”

Me: “The one with pistachios?  I’m thinking you mean Spumoni.”

Boy Wonder: “Oh, right. Spumoni. That’s what I meant.”

5 Responses to “Picasso”

  • I will now forever think of it as Picasso ice cream.
    Me too!! ~W

  • Well, it looks vaguely Picasso-like.

    I think he got the Pistachio name confused, but I agree with you, Margaret! ~W

  • Funny boy! Love it.

    He’s reached an age where these kinds of moments happen less and less! So, we tend to really laugh when they do. Rare moments. 😀 ~W

  • IZ:

    Ha! See, I thought of Spumoni as very Picasso like as well. So, if Spumoni is Picasso, then what is Neopolitan?

    I don’t know? What is Neopolitan?? 😀 ~W

  • Doesn’t this just sound like a flavor that Ben and Jerry’s would jump all over??

    Doesn’t it? You’re so right. We should inform Ben and Jerry’s! ~W

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