He Could Give Lessons


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Me: “You know, I don’t think our bedroom is all that girly.”

IZ: “Uh huh. . .”

Me: “In fact, I’d say it’s the most masculine it’s ever been.”

IZ: “Could be.”

Me: “You really are the King of Noncommittal language!”

IZ: “Perhaps.”

Me: “You think?”

IZ: . . . 


Seriously, folks, his spidey-sense is telling him this conversation is a trap.  

5 Responses to “He Could Give Lessons”

  • IZ:

    No comment.

  • HG:

    I wouldn’t say girly at all. Gorgeous? Yes. Overly feminine? No.

    Me either! 😀 ~W

  • HG:

    Of course, I painted our bedroom just about that same color…

    I think blues and greens are great for bedrooms. Soothing, restful. Originally, our bedroom was a yellow and I hated it. I couldn’t sleep in it. It was too bright, not a soft soothing yellow. So, the blue/green is a lovely change! ~W

  • Cap:

    I’m going with IZ on this one. (I know I’m risking your wrath) It’s gorgeous and soft and tranquil and … a little girly. Not overly girly, but a little girly. IZ should be aware of just how much worse it could be 😀

    He never said it was feminine–in his defense. We were just talking about how less girly the space was in comparison to other rooms in the past. Trust me, this is down right BUTCH in comparison to the pink and white stripe phase I went through. We aren’t going to talk about that tho–and thankfully, there is no photographic proof of my insanity. 😀 ~W

  • He sounds like he’s playing it safe to me. He’s the King of Tact.

    Ha! Tact. He’ll use that against me, now, Margaret. 😀 ~W

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