For The Birds

IZ: You know this colon cleansing stuff is for the birds. Oh, I know what all those woo-woo health people say, but seriously? They  can keep their clean colons. I’ll take mine dirty any day! I’m proud to say that the very first thing I polluted my colon with was McDonald’s!

Me: Is that so?

IZ: Yes! (pumping fist in the air) I’m striking a blow for dirty colons everywhere!

10 Responses to “For The Birds”

  • IZ:

    It is true! I said it! I won’t deny it. Oh sure, you feel GREAT when you are done cleansing your colon. Who wouldn’t? That’s like saying I felt great *after* I stopped getting punched in the face! Now, I’m not *advocating* a diet of Mc Donald’s… but there are worse things you can do. Moderation is a good thing…

  • God bless IZ and his dirty colon.

  • Okay- well, that colon cleansing business has always seemed like interfering with mother nature to me. Also, ewww.

    I need some Etsy help, m’dear. I’m ready to get up and running but I’m not sure how. Hints? Advice? I’m overwhelmed by the sheer number of craftspeople- how does anyone ever find you?

  • I hated the colon cleansing–it was miserable during and after. But now it’s over with for Iz, so why not enjoy dirtying up the colon?

  • My first meal after the colon-cleansing was IHOP.

  • What’s next? Neti pots and Panchakarma?! Yoga??!!

  • drinking your own urine! It’s the ultimate medicine.

  • Cap:

    I was hungry … but not so much now. So thanks for that, IZ.

  • Treva:

    Ohhh, Colon Cleansing is such a good idea!!!!!

    In theory.

  • Keri:

    I had food poisoning one other time (besides now) back in high school when on this youth group trip. (about half of the group did – oh those poor group leaders! – about half of THEM did, too, actually) You could say that was a colon cleansing of sorts too. About a week into it (hee hee) when I weighed around 92 pounds and was finally at a point of seeing the light of solid food again and feeling hungry for the first time, a couple of people in the group asked me what I most wanted to eat because they were thrilled to see I wasn’t going to die. 😀 Dear friends these. They wanted to walk anyplace in this new town and buy me something to eat. We were staying in a church basement. All I could think about was a Wendy’s hamburger. OMG, it sounded good. And it took them over an hour to walk there and back to find it for me. nobody could believe that this was what I wanted for my first solid food after all… well, all THAT. It was divine food.

    I wasn’t allowed to climb the mountains with them during the second week of the trip because I didn’t have enough strength back, but I will NEVER forget how good that Wendy’s burger tasted! LOL!!! So somehow that makes up for it I guess. I totally get your dirty colon, IZ. 😉

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