While Watching the Closing Ceremony

Me: “If I were London I’d be embarrassed right now. I don’t think they should even bother with an opening ceremony in four years.  Just march the athletes into the stadium, ‘Hey kids, wave at the camera’, raise a few flags, sing a few anthems, and break out the brew.”

IZ: “Well, you know who has to be worried right about now, Vancouver, BC.”

Me: “No kidding. They could just spend the whole time pointing out that they have snow and reciting all the names for it. ‘Snow. Snow. Snow,’ two hours later, ‘Snow. Snow. Snow. Did you know no two snowflakes are alike? Look, we have SNOW.'”

Boy Wonder, “No, you’re saying that all wrong. That should be, “Snow, eh. Snow, eh. Snow, eh. Did you know no two snowflakes are alike, eh?”

We love you Canada, but seriously—go OLD SCHOOL and just introduce the athletes, eh?

6 Responses to “While Watching the Closing Ceremony”

  • IZ:

    Well, like everything else… they could outsource the opening ceremonies to China…;)

    They may well have to if they want to compete. At least hire China to do the fireworks, those were amazing!!

  • kat:

    Really, how can anyone beat Bejing’s opening ceremony?
    All that cheap labour? I’m with Iz… outsource it!

    No kidding, eh? I was cringing through London’s part. I can’t imagine having to follow China in this event. In sports, when a legend retires, they retire their number with them. I think maybe the opening ceremony spectacular needs to be retired as well. ~W

  • I feel so bad for those two countries. Seriously, everything is going to be a let down in comparison to Beijing. I’m with you, flags, marching, a couple of songs, and lots and lots of alcohol.

    Yeah, maybe the opening ceremony could be a Pub Crawl in London. 😀 ~W

  • I am so for simplifying the ceremonies. There is such a thing as too much too much. Grin and wave, eh…good idea.

    Yeah, they seem to get longer each year, too! ~W

  • I prefer the sports, and not so much of the glitz. In China’s case, all that “show” hid a seamy side that they didn’t want the tourists to look too closely at.

    Yeah, like that, eh? ~W

  • I love it all. Sports. Glitz. The human interest stories. I love love love it. (We’re still watching them — we TiVOed them while we were camping so we still have a week of Olympics to go! 🙂 -llm.

    So, you’ve seen history made in the Water Cube and you’re off to watch Track and Field at the Bird’s Nest. Good times, good times! ~W

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