But He Didn’t Say I Couldn’t Tell You

Boy Wonder: “You cannot sell this.”

Me: “Why not?”

Boy Wonder: “Because I LOVE it!”

Me: “Yeah, but would you really use it? I mean, you’d carry that onto a plane?”

Boy Wonder: “Sure! It makes me laugh, Mom.”

Me: “Yeah, but I didn’t exactly  make those for 11 year olds; frankly, I didn’t think it would appeal to your age group.”

Boy Wonder: “Yeah, I know. It’s for little kids and adults who don’t care what people think. . . So don’t tell my friends, m’kay?”

Me: “Nope, I won’t tell your friends.”

8 Responses to “But He Didn’t Say I Couldn’t Tell You”

  • He is great 😀

    He gives me hope that “adults who don’t care what people think” might one day lead the world… I’d be down for a world run by BW 😀

    Well, he’d be down with taking up that challenge. Funny story: when he was little, he used to tell people he wanted to be the “Emperor of the world.” Not president, mind you, EMPEROR. heh. ~W

  • That’s sweet. We never really grow up do we?

    Not so much, eh? 😀 ~W

  • That’s wonderful! I hope my boys are still able to appreciate the fun in things that others declare “uncool” when they are BW’s age, too.

    The pillow is great, btw, and I would totally arm wrestle Boy Wonder for it. 😉

    He struggles… as much as he embraces his individuality, he’s like most kids–wants to fit in at least with his friends. As for the pillow, I actually listed it. He decided he wanted something in “Black” Heh. 😀 ~W

  • Cap:

    That pillow is adorable!!!!!!!!

    And BW is kinda cute, too 😀

    Thanks… he is kinda cute! ~W

  • That’s adorable and I think it would be a people magnet.

    Thanks so much! 😀 ~W

  • Awww…he’s totally right, it’s just wonderful. I love that he could tell you he loves it and in the same breath swear you to secrecy…

    I know, that was what was so funny about it. 😀 ~W

  • Adorable pillow, and sweet coversation. 🙂 TFS!
    Thanks so much! ~W

  • there is something very special about this Boy Wonder you are raising. =)

    Thank you, Sarah. Are you glad to be home in Seattle?? 😀 ~W

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