In Photos: The Game

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  • What a cutie-pie! I love a squirting-water-biting dog!

    I wish I’d gotten better photos… she’s ferocious doing this. If you say, “Want to play the game” when you’re inside, she goes nuts to get out the door. And then you can say, “Sophie, where’s the water. Get the water.” And she’ll run to the spigot and bark at you to turn on the water. Added bonus, this drives the angry lady across the street crazy. Oh the stories I’m going to tell someday. 😀 ~W

  • Cathy:

    Oh, our Airedale does the same thing. Loves to drink out of bottles of water as we pour them.

    She’s a Welsh, and she’s actually trying to kill the water stream. It’s kinda funny and scary all in the same moment. ~W

  • Drinking the water or biting it?(or both?)

    She’s trying to kill it. Seriously, her jaws snap so loudly you can hear her teeth clashing! ~W

  • IZ:

    Yeah – you need a video of this to really appreciate it. She hunts the water, chases the stream, and then bites down on it so hard – chomp chomp, snap snap. She’s also very particular – will only “chase” and “kill” the water if it is a stream… won’t bother with it if it is a sprinkler…

    I should video it! If we’re lucky, we might just capture the crazy lady going ballistic on us as well. People don’t believe that until they see it, either! 😀 ~W

  • Cathy:

    Yes, the loud snapping sound our terrier does is hilarious. We sometimes refer to her as “the crocodile”.

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