Ugly Feet

I love this photo, even if it is completely disingenuous. Looking at it, you might think that blue skies have arrived here in the northwest, but that wouldn’t be true. Instead, we got a rare sun-break Sunday. Long enough for IZ to mow our lumpy yard despite his head cold. Long enough for me look busy snapping photos instead of weeding our overgrown flower beds. But not long enough to fool anyone into thinking warmth is on its way. Certainly not long enough to get me out of my funk. I’m waiting, Spring. And I don’t like to wait. Margaret was right to dub this month Junuary!

Anyhow, I don’t have much to say. Vicki dropped by to tell me to update and now she’s taunting me with the backsides of Sun Bears on her site. OH THE IRONY. As I’m a compliant first born, I tend to do what I’m told—especially when told by an authority figure. I’ll let her explain what makes her the boss of me, because I sure as heck don’t know! So, I’m blogging about our cold weather and the lack of sun. And she’s visually cracking wise about her weather. I resent that, darling. I DO!

Except I don’t. I adore Sun Bears. I adore the sun. I adore the BEARS. And Stanford sucks. Ahem.

So, this photo… I was trying to snap a photo of a mysterious Columbine that sprouted up in my front planter. I didn’t plant it. I suspect renegade vermin poop. I figure, if deer are going to munch the heads off all my flowers, it seems only fitting that they might plant something in return. It’s a small gift and since this town won’t let me hunt inside city limits, it’s going to have to do.

This Columbine is magical. It’s really dainty and delicate but difficult to photograph. In desperation, I shoved my lens beneath it and snapped the photo. The flower, obviously, blurred. And it’s apparent that I need to prune our variegated willow. But that sky. . . that sky sings to me. And for a moment, you know, I almost thought I had found a patch of blue to carry me. But it didn’t last. I fell into the grasp of a capricious lover and knew rejection. Grey skies have returned and I’ve been compelled to put on socks. I hate socks. Spring will not stop toying with me.

Summer, on the other hand, is tender. She is kind and she caring. Warm and benevolent. She takes her time. She doesn’t rush anything, savoring every moment. She sings bird song and smells of jasmine. She doesn’t blow down houses or flood plains. She never toys with your emotions. You know just where you stand with her. Lovingly embraced, adored, appreciated. In her eyes, you are always beautiful with your brown toes sticking out of your sandals. And even though you know this love you share will not last forever, it doesn’t matter. You’re not thinking about that, anyhow. You’re too warm to care. Too happy to notice. Too content, if that’s possible.

Summer is tender. But I fear she is going to be late this year. I fear she wandered off to some tropical local and cannot be bothered to return. I fear she is cavorting with some other lover, some other person who always looks beautiful—their brown toes sticking out of their sandals.

I fear she’s figured out that I have ugly feet.

11 Responses to “Ugly Feet”

  • That does look like SUN–but I know it’s misleading. I got the lawns mowed last weekend too and hope I can do the same for Sat–since it’s graduation. If not, I’ll just close all the blinds!

    I just spent a couple hours weeding—it’s grey and not quite warm. But it must be done. I don’t think I can afford to wait for actual sunshine. ~W

  • We must have a mutual intimidation thing going. I’m definitely not the boss of you. But, yes, I was sending you some backside sunshine- better than being mooned, yes? I love our little Andean Sunbears. Some days, when I’m not busy with busloads of children, I pack paper towel tubes with cereal and honey and then the bear keeper gives them to the sunbears. I’ll take a picture of that next time so you get something besides a sleeping posterior view.

    I told Rich the other day that I want to be disposed of, when I go, with barefeet. Can’t stand shoes. Can’t stand socks. And I have very ugly feet, too- barely any toes, just little snausages. For the sake of the world at large I should do a better job of covering them, but I just can’t.

    Summer will be there shortly. What are you growing in your yard/garden?

    Presently, I’m growing weeds. But I’m attempting to get a handle on this yard. It’s so over-run and poorly maintained. It was when we moved in and I feel like we just fight an un-winnable war. I’d like very much to pull it all out and start from scratch.

    And I love shoes! I adore them, really. But the sock thing creeps me out. However, it’s been so cold I’ve resorted to wearing fuzzy socks in doors to keep my feet from feeling like ice. Once they get cold I have a hard time getting warm again. ~W

  • Stanford does not, I repeat NOT, suck. You sound like a Cal Weenie. Weenie about a little cold weather. Weenie about a superior school. Ahem.

    I feel better now. Greg is a Stanford Alum and I worked there for 13 years. So, don’t be dissing Stanford, you hear?


    I’m not gardening yet — I barely remember to water. I’m growing lots of weeds. Lots and lots of weeds. And, lavender. And, well, not much else. Weeds and lavender.

    I’m just wasting my summer!

    Vicki — I hate shoes too — that’s why I love my Crocs so much — they are like going barefoot with the public censure!

    Ha ha ha ha… Cal Weenie. That makes my day. I should clarify: I didn’t go to UCB. I went to Seminary on Holy Hill, though and we have a tight relationship with them—including cross registration. And, I’ve been a Cal Bears fan since I was 14. So… uh… Let’s just agree to say USC sucks, m’kay? 😀

  • kat:

    I wish I could give you some of our sun!
    It’s been over 90 degrees here. Hot hot hot!
    Today it’s only going to be in the 80’s.

    The sun is surely coming your way!

    That’s just it… I’m not sure that it is. And even if it does arrive, I’m not sure that we’ll warm up to 70. I’d LOVE your 90 degree weather. But I’m happiest when I’m hot. 😀 ~W

  • Ooo – a sun break – lucky you! I wouldn’t even mind the clouds so much if it would just stay dry for a few days so I could mow the jungle. But, alas, it drizzles just enough to make the grass all wet and difficult for the mower… Either rain or don’t rain – but Ms. Nature, please pick one!

    Yeah, I’m afraid the grass was pretty wet when he mowed… but it had to be done. I went out today and started the arduous work of weeding. It’s overwhelming. ~W

  • Heidi:

    Snowing like a son-of-a-gun here in Montana; we lost three large limbs off the maple.

    Wende, would you email me? There’s some prime writing here that I’d love to sent to Blogtations
    (I understand why you’ve pulled your email address…)

    SNOWING? Oy, oy, oy. I’m so sorry. I’m ready for SUNSHINE. So, so ready. Ready for skirts and sandals and yummy ice tea. ~W

  • Oh yes, magical flowers that dance so much…they blurr in the front part of your pictures. Magical flowers are about all that are coming up in my yard, as I haven’t been diligent about watering, and it’s starting to climb into the high 80’s here (pant pant)

    And where’s the pictures of ugly feet, I wanna know!?!?! I rushed right over here…

    (and they can’t be as bad as most of the people who THINK they can wear shorts here in AZ…bleach!)

    You know, I never wear shorts! Even when I lived in a hot place, I just didn’t do it. There are parts of my body that I’d like to remain in denial about, and wearing shorts would ruin my state of ignorance. 😀 ~W

  • Oooohhhh…I can totally relate! You know already how I loathe the colder, dreary months. And your friend IS right, Junuary….totally! And I simply despise wearing socks! I think I own three pair. (complete with holes in the toes, since I’ve had them for 5 yrs and only wear them in winter.)
    I am NOT joking.
    Let us say a little prayer for summer…….. 🙂

    All I have are those little white socks you wear with your gym shoes… and a bunch of those fuzzy socks you wear around the house to keep your feet warm in Winter. Funny, I seem to wear those all year ’round out here. Hmmm…

  • Mmm, I get it — flattery. Sweet-talking Summer into showing up. . . . Perhaps I should try that instead of incessantly complaining and swearing at her, to get her arse over here and RIGHT NOW. . . .


    Oh, I’ve been hootin’ and hollerin’ for months, but it’s doing no good. I recall something about flies and honey?? 😀 ~W

  • We had that Sunday sunbreak here in Seattle, too. Such a tease, this Junuary sun!

    Like Vicki, I go without shoes whenever I can… which here in the PNW, is less often than in my native Texas. I hope I get to go barefoot outside sometime this summer!


    I love shoes. And I’m no fan of being barefoot, because I have poor vision and tend to slaughter my feet. If I can cut my foot, I will. We have a no-shoes rule in the house but I break it all the time because otherwise I’m an accident waiting to happen.

    And this weather, IS KILLING ME. That is NOT hyperbole. ~W

  • my feet are ugly. can i still wear those anthro sandals, though? well, it’s not so much my feet, as my slightly ingrown-or-something toesies…argh.


    My feet are a mess. But in those sandals, no one is going to be looking at your toes! I say, GO FOR IT! 😀 ~W

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