8 Responses to “Seriously?”

  • kat:

    seriously, cute!


    She’s seriously annoyed with me in this photo. ~W

  • Oh the snout!


    Yeah, that’s what gets me with this dog. I have a thing for Terrier snouts. ~W

  • As cute and soulful as any famous cartoon dog!


    Poor girly. She’s having a time of it. This is the look she gives me right before she clamps her eyes shut. She went to the vet this week and ended up with a second medication for those eyes of hers. Which means, double the trouble. I’ve taken to sneaking up on her in her sleep to administer the drops—it’s fast and easy. I figure if her eyes are closed already, at least they’re not closed so tightly I can’t open them. ~W

  • IZ:

    She looks like she’s just received cruel and unusual punishment… her life is SO HARD. 😉 At least she doesn’t go and roll in poo like Sumatra…


    Well, considering it’s bath time and she just got eye drops—I’d say I had cruel and unusual covered. And dang, I forgot about your nutty cat. OY! ~W

  • barooooo. rrrf.
    cutey face.


    Hey you… busy girl. I hope all is well. 😀 ~W

  • Poor Sophie! The indignity of it all. No one understands, do they, Princess? Poor you!


    Oh Liza, she’d love you. Clearly, you get her angst. ~W

  • Aw, how cute she looks, even when she’s ticked.


    She is! 😀 ~W

  • Keri:

    She’s absolutely beautiful.


    Thank you! She’s my baby. I love that dog! ~W

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