Spring Fever


Spring has left us no choice.

It’s been raining in sheets for two days. Our little spot of balmy (and I use that term loosely—loosely, like sliding half way down your backside jeans so the world can see you’re a briefs man , loosely) weather is gone. A false spring if you will. It leaves a girl little choice. She can be depressed. Or she can do something about it.

The Boy and I ran errands together yesterday and found ourselves roaming the garden department at a local chain store, where we bumped into this display:


How times have changed. Three years ago he would have launched a hard sell to bring one home. Instead, he shook his head wryly and sighed, “Gnomes? Why would anybody want a gnome?”* We laughed. We agreed that gnomes are funny, but not for our yard.

Instead we trolled (oh bad Wende!) the flower aisles. I love hanging out in the garden department at this time of year… everything is in bloom and it all suggests such potential. The display of star jasmine made me a little wistful for Sunnyside, though. However, row upon row of bright annuals makes it hard to remain gloomy for long. With names impossible to pronounce and colors impossible to resist, we took our time absorbing all the color. A visual tab of vitamin D.

Carefully we tested every color of Ranunculus the flower aisle had to offer, until we found the perfect shade for the ceramic pot we’d selected. Neither of which appear in the photo above because we were too consumed with our choices to think about the camera. “Try this yellow one. No, now try that pink one! How about white?”

Did you know that a Ranunculus is also called a Persian Buttercup? It’s more evocative, I think. At least, when you say, “I brought home a Persian Buttercup” you don’t sound like you have contracted a tropical disease! But we all know that names often belie the beauty of the thing. And a Ranunculus is truly a thing of beauty. Layer upon layer of tissue paper thin petals. . . it’s hard not to fall in love, even harder to make a choice.

Until I can recharge my camera battery, you’re going to have to take my word that we found a bit of Spring to bring home. The pot is this amazing blue, reticulated porcelain cache. And after much searching, we settled on a bright poppy colored bloom that the boy calls, “Lipstick red”. Which made me giggle, for some reason.

It continues to rain in sheets. But we don’t mind so much; we’ve got Ranunculus, after all!

UPDATE: See, Spring.


And apparently, some of you are fond of those little Garden Gnomes. . . who knew? Ok, I kinda guessed. 😀 Anyhow, I’m wishing I were more industrious, because if I could get that Gnome picture made into cards, I’d hold a contest to caption it. That Gnome with his hands on his hips just screams to say something witty, eh?

So, no offense to y’all who are lovin on the Gnomes. I’ve heard it said that love is blind. Evidently, it is.

7 Responses to “Spring Fever”

  • I love garden gnomes!!!! But they aren’t for every yard. I hope you’re feeling a little springy despite the sheeting rain!


    Well, at this point, my yard is such an overgrown mess, a Gnome would get lost. It does help to have some Spring INSIDE the house when it’s hailing outside. So, I hear you… false spring. Meh! ~W

  • Hey…I heart garden gnomes! I, um, don’t actually have any…well, unless you count my welcome mat that is. I usually give them to my GG because she really loves them so very much! Enjoy all the springy…I usually decorate with red, yellow and purple flowers myself…

    My bad. I’m ambivalent, really. What made me laugh is the drastic change in my child. He’s growing up. Don’t mind me while I go over there ————> to blubber a bit. 😀 ~W

  • The flower and pot are beautiful……and I’m really glad you didn’t buy a gnome.


    Lol… That one in the middle of the photo is tempting. 😀 ~W

  • I love that plant but never knew its name. I had some in my flower garden and they were beautiful–kept blooming over and over again. It was a real joy! Sometimes we have to find spring wherever we happen to be.


    I can imagine. I think you’re right. IZ was just commenting that we needed more living plants in our house—or flowers —because it just makes life seem better. It’s funny how those things alter your perspective. 😀 ~W

  • I don’t heart garden gnomes but I remember when I did, back in the day. I also gave my best friend one for Christmas that says, “Gnome for the Holidays.’ She really hates ’em but now she has to put it out — at least when i come over. [insert evil laugh]


    Oh GNOME you didn’t! Ha ha ha ha. Seriously, I’m the only one laughing, huh? That’s brilliant, Liza Lee… BRILLIANT! ~W

  • oh wow!! i think ya’ll made the perfect flower/pot combo! 🙂


    I actually have to give the boy credit for this one. He kept insisting “the red one, Mom”. 😀 ~W

  • Ranunculuses are my favorite 🙂


    They’re very hard to resist! ~W

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