Hunting Vermin


Snickers doesn’t get much face time on this blog. Mostly, because she’s IZ’s cat and torments my dog enough to keep me in an almost perpetual state of peeved. It’s an unfair relationship, really. Because if Sophie responds we have no choice but to crack down on her. She’s a terrier and her instincts are intact; she’s genetically predisposed to hunt and kill vermin. Snickers certainly behaves like a weasel, but up against the snapping jaws of an enraged dog, she doesn’t stand a chance. You’d think that be enough to stop her wily ways.

I like this about my dog. I am a city girl through and through, but I harbor delusions of living “out” and having a whole pack of terriers to call my own. Like my dog’s instincts, my fantasy life is intact; I have visions of plaid riding jackets and leather knee-high boots (What?! By now you people should know my fantasies come with wardrobe options.) and five or six lovely, black and tan Welshies jumping at my feet. We spend countless hours roaming the vast expanse of our country estate nosing out assorted vermin. We come home, hot and sweaty and tired and triumphant, having once again cleared our fair land of weasels. (Hey, if you’re reading metaphor here, good for you.)

A Welsh Terrier is no slouch when it comes to nosing out a vermin. Just ask my Miss Sophie. There’s not a garbage can or telephone pole she doesn’t growl at when we’re out walking. Never mind our neighbor cat out for a midnight stroll. No, she has bigger prey in mind; namely her own shadow! Clearly, I’m not the only one with a rich fantasy life.

Now, I don’t believe in letting a person, or dog, dream alone. So, I can’t resist whispering, “Kill it, Sophie. Kill it!” even though it’s perfectly obvious that the only vermin in her life is the cat. Vermin she can’t kill. Vermin she must tolerate.

Which brings us back to Snickers. Lord only knows what goes on in her fantasy life.

4 Responses to “Hunting Vermin”

  • Ok, I have to say it: that picture is a little spooky! 🙂


    She is such a sweet cat… but I will admit, spooky. She’s a real love, but there are moments where I fear for my life! 😀 ~W

  • Cats can look so evil in photos–our Kendra too. Animals have weird dreams, so probably even stranger fantasies. Our dog used to run and chase in his dreams, while making all sorts of interesting noises.


    Snickers is not photogenic, really. And she’s such a love… but she’s also a bit of a pill. And her favorite targets are the boy and the dog. Neither are allowed to “get even” and she knows it. We’ve created a monster, I fear. ~W

  • IZ:

    That photo of Snickers is fantastic! She usually doesn’t look so good in pics – B&W is clearly her style… which adds to the freakishness of it… so spooky indeed!

    I think most weasels deserve what they get because they give so little and take so much… but I digress.

    In the case of Snickers – she’s probably off dreaming of her next big meal… there are plenty of weasels and other vermin to go around between Snickers and Sophie.

    That being said, there are some fat Coons with even BIGGER attitudes out there… scary and best avoided…


    I told you about the Coon we bumped into the other night? I actually made Sophie cross the street to walk home. I was worried she might not win a fight (and I don’t even want to think about Rabies!!) it was so large. I talk a big talk, but I don’t think I’d ever let Sophie hunt. Although, if the cat keeps these shenanigans up, I might just turn a blind eye. 😀 ~W

  • My girl is always twitching in her sleep, so I am thinking she is imagining herself as bold. She can certainly stand up for herself, but when confronted by other neighborhood cats and animals, she’d rather come inside and watch them through the window. I like that about her, she knows her limitations (that and the fact that I don’t want to pay a hefty vet bill for injuries)


    Ah yes, a cat that won’t fight is a good thing! 😀 ~W

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