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If I had to subsist on just one meal it would be breakfast. There is something about a fresh egg and scones and hot coffee that makes me happy. Especially if it is what’s for dinner!

Breakfast for dinner is our stand-by meal. Beyond being easy, we like all those breakfasty foods and because I’m the scone baker, it’s a meal we can prepare together. (Yes, IZ does all the cooking in these parts. I know, I know, I’m a lucky girl.) So, while he whipped together a Sundried Tomato scramble, I did a bit of baking. And while I highly recommend these for dinner with coffee, they make a wonderful morning snack with tea too!

Apricot Ginger Scones


2 Cups Unbleached Flour
1/3 Cup packed Brown Sugar (if you’re sugar watching, you can reduce to just 3 T)
1 T Baking Powder
1/4 T Ground Ginger (or gresh grated if you have it.)
4 T Butter


1/2 Cup Half and Half
1/4 Cup of Milk
1 T Brandy (you can substitute or omit)
1/4 to 1/3 C Dried Apricots (cut into smaller pieces) depending on how much fruit you like in your scones.
1/4 C Candied Ginger (cut into smaller pieces.


Set oven 425

Prepare the dried fruit. Mix wet ingredients: put dry fruit into wet ingredients to soak.

Mix dry ingredients without the butter. Then cut in butter until it resembles peas. Combine wet and dry and mix with a wooden spatula just until evenly wet. Do not over mix.

Drop onto greased cookie sheet (or non-stick) using a cookie scoop. Sometimes the batter is dry enough to form rounds and cut—you may need to add a bit more milk for drop scones. But if the dough will form rounds, you can also just cut them. This batter is extremely flexible—you can’t ruin it.

Bake for 10 minutes.

Enjoy. As always, please feel free to take and use. (Link back if you post it somewhere.)

23 Responses to “What’s For Dinner”

  • Incredible. I would love to bake these and dunk them in my coffee.


    If you do, let me know how they work out! 😀 ~W

  • Kevin:

    I don’t know if your son checks geiodo anymore, but I left him a comment on his first post.

    I like reading this stuff, it’s very interesting. As said in the other comment, I used to have one, I never got into it, but reading other peoples’ blogs is fun.

    Keep it up =)


    Thanks Kevin. This Spring was a heavy writing semester for him, and writing on his blog took a back-seat to preparing for his state writing exam. However, I’m sure that once the thrill of being out of school wanes a bit, he’ll be back at his blog. Thanks for the comment. ~W

  • Oh, baby! I am so making these. I’ll let you know how mine turn out – if they last long enough, I might even take a picture.


    See, this would make me happy to know you’re making scones in your Astoria! Do post photos! 😀 ~W

  • I love breakfast for dinner! I’ll have to try out your scones. Thanks for sharing your recipe.


    Let me know how they turn out! I’m always trying to perfect my scone recipes. It’s appalling, really, how obsessed I’m getting with it! ~W

  • I adore going out for breakfast, and love eggs, omelettes, waffles, etc…CROISSANTS. SCONES. yummy


    Exactly! If I can have breakfast on room-service china, all the better. Heh. ~W

  • Pancakes are for dinners here. Sometimes we have them for breakfast which for us then is dinner for breakfast 🙂


    Dinner for breakfast works for me! 😀 ~W

  • Lovely…I don’t like eggs at all, unless they’re smothered with cheese…and since I’m lactose intolerant, that doesn’t sit well with me anymore…but breakfast for dinner is always one of my favoritest things…that way you can save Pizza for breakfast!


    Ah yes, Pizza for breakfast—that’s got to be an institution, right? ~W

  • These sound fantastic! Not sure that I can find candied ginger here in Marrakesh and am betting you really need it for the recipe:-(


    No, no, make them without candied ginger! We do all the time. In fact, I should probably put a note up saying that we make them with all sorts of different dried fruit. And sometimes berries. It’s a matter of what extracts and sugar you use, but that’s it! Give it whirl… something distinctly Moroccan would be fun! ~W

  • Thanks for the recipe. I was looking for something yummy that I could dunk into the cafe in the morning. Yummy!


    Enjoy, enjoy! ~W

  • I’m not a breakfast eater at breakfast time, but give it to me for dinner and I am one happy girl!
    Love your yellow flowered china in the last post. Very cheery!


    Oh, thank you. The yellow china is working very well in this yellow house! 😀 ~W

  • My question is, “How do you make them last until dinner?” Yum.


    By making them 10 minutes before we sit down! 😀 ~W

  • Mmm… I’ll have to jot down your recipe too. You’re making me hungry! 🙂


    I’m making ME hungry! I swear, right now I’m a little obsessed with making scones. I’m working on a butterscotch recipe that I’m hoping will turn out. ~W

  • Breakfast is my VERY FAVORITE meal, particularly because the beverage is coffee. Damn, I might have to make those scones.

  • My Madeleine believes that tea and scones make everything better. Brandy and ginger sound divine!


    I think your Madeleine is correct. 😀 ~W

  • I can’t wait til I can have decent food again because this is going on my list of things I’m going to enjoy! I think I gained a pound just reading the recipe 😉


    Oh dear, I know that food drill. It’s my reality these days too. The scone thing is an aberration to the usual yogurt and cottage cheese options. ~W

  • I always THINK about making breakfast for dinner, but I never do it. I should! Oh, those scones sound marvelous, but I don’t like ginger. I suppose I could try them without ginger or with something else. 🙂


    They’re great without ginger! Give them a whirl. ~W

  • We’re big on breakfast for dinner. Kind of a yummy bizarro life. Your scones sound so yummy! If I can find my baking implements, I want to try this recipe. Ginger… apricots… half and half… love it!


    Yeah, if you like ginger, these things are perfect! I adore them. However, the recipe can be adapted to whatever fruit you like. ~W

  • IZ:

    LOL – I just realized looking at the photo the *REAL* reason you wanted new china – it was so you could photograph “goodies” on something other than what we had. Clever you! Not only do the scones look amazing – they tasted divine! Thank you for baking them.


    Who me? Buy props for photos? Never. Heh! ~W

  • We love breakfast for dinner here, but it never occurred to me to make scones.

    I will try it! I know it will be a hit.


    Well, we pair them with eggs and the like. But they’re so easy and quick we can’t resist! 😀 ~W

  • Yum! I love breakfast food, too, but never at breakfast. I don’t like the actual breakfast much. But can I tell you my secret (well, I guess it won’t be now) guilty pleasure breakfast food? Corned beef hash. Love it. If it didn’t overlube my insides I’d eat it every day. As it is, I keep it to once or twice a year. ~A 🙂


    I’ll keep your little secret. 😀 ~W

  • yummy! but can you tell me what half and half is? Is it semi skimmed milk?


    It’s half cream and half milk—it’s sold in the stores as “half-and-half” and is usually used to cream coffee drinks. Any milk product with fat in it will work in this recipe, the less fat in the milk, the less milk you will use. So, if you’re just whole milk, you’ll need to put in 1/2 cup milk first and then see how much more you need to combine the ingredients. You want everything to stick together without being “sticky”. ~W

  • kat:

    thanks for the recipe!
    I”m going to give these a whirl! (we like breakfast food for dinner too! A trend started by my dad when I was a little girl)


    Let me know how it turns out! My father started a tradition of chocolate pie for breakfast on Christmas day. My mom would make two on Christmas eve and we’d have a piece first thing the next morning, even before presents! It’s a tradition that has lasted, because IZ and I do it too! ~W

  • kat:

    I made them! I feel like a superstar!

    My kids and husband LOVED them. I actually went to Trader Joe’s today to pick up some dried fruit. (orange cranberry + some dried blueberries) They were so easy to make and so delicious. So a new batch will be made later this week.

    So thank you thank you for sharing such a super recipe!


    Awesome! Orange cranberry sounds yummy! ~W

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