Another reason I like my birthday week: I get to be right a role-model:

Boy Wonder: Yeah, so you notice what she did?

IZ: What?

Boy Wonder: Well, she let you test for yourself; she didn’t assume when you did, that you didn’t believe her.

IZ: What’s your point?

Boy Wonder: You should do as THE MOM does! That’s my point. In fact, you should just start asking yourself before you get mad at me, “What would Mom do?”


I should probably note that my kid is smart enough to have this conversation while his father was driving. And trust me, the kid is rarely on my side of ANYTHING. What can I say? My birthday week rocks!

3 Responses to “WWMD?”

  • He is a funny, and clever kid! And his timing is indeed perfect.


    He’s been a total cracker today.  He came home from testing (they made him be quiet for 4 hours!) and it was non-stop silliness and funny stuff and words.  He’s had us in stitches all day. ~W

  • IZ:

    WWMD = Wicked Weapons of Mass Destruction… What would “mother” do indeed. Depends on WHO your mother is…


    Indeed!  I still can’t believe she chucked pots at your dad. 😀 ~W

  • IZ:

    Well… different person – different time. I’m just glad I married you. I think about the only thing you’ve ever thrown at me is a snow ball…


    And missed! I’ve never regretted being your choice. Love you.  ~Wendelynn

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