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Admire the red box. This actually arrived yesterday. After the day I had (an entirely different post that I should probably write, but who knows. If you see me in person, remind me to vent about it!) the closest this machine came to being used was being taken from its box and placed on the dining room table. Where it sat, lonely—or so I was told.

This annoyed the Boy and IZ to no end. Being the techno people they are, a new machine is a thing to be explored and discovered. What does this button do? How do you make it do that? A person should not rest until they have exhausted every pushable button and have read the manual through thrice. Spend an afternoon with them and you become an expert.

I wasn’t born with this gene. I like to ease into these things gradually. You know, take my time. Get used to just looking at the machine first. Then approach it. I tend to not bother with manuals until I need them. Oh? My bobbin is empty–guess it’s time to learn how to fill that. The machine came preloaded with thread and that screams, “Jump right in, the water’s nice” to me. And I would have, if my head hadn’t been threatening to explode.

new machine 2.jpg

I’m not sure who is more excited about this, to be honest. My kid kept jumping up and down exclaiming, “This is great, it’s like a gift for ME!” However, the arrival of new machine put a bit of crimp in our sewing arrangement. The big question: where to put the boy? As I promised him my old machine, which he affectionately calls, “Ol’ Rusty”, it wasn’t fair to not set him up to sew someplace. Before I could even begin to think about exploring today, I set to work making space for the kiddo in my office/playspace/craft room. (An aside: I honestly have no idea what to call that space. But, we need to settle on a name soon, because it’s annoying me greatly to fumble around for a name. Now that the boy is sharing the space, I don’t think we can call it my retreat!)

new machine 3.jpg

I thought my arrangement was clever. This way we can both sew at my table, but not bump into each other. Leave it IZ to find the humor in it. When he brought up my machine for me (I’m still too chicken to carry it anywhere–um, hello, I’m not exactly graceful!) he observed, “Welcome to Wende’s little sweatshop” as the boy was already busy sewing at his machine.

I have to admit, I admire the contents of the red box: especially for its motivational influence. The boy got through his math and science in record time and was all over me to begin by 2. We spent 2 hours today hanging out in our new sewing space. I have to tell you, it was non-stop negotiation. “So, you think next year when the new models are coming out, dad can buy you a better machine and I can have your new one??” And, “How about we make a deal, you let me use your machine at least twice a week? OK??” And, “I’m thinking that by next year, I should be good enough that you can trust me to use your new machine on my own, right?” On and on he went. I finally said, “You know, how about you sew up Monica’s Bag Bags on my machine.” How nice am I that I let him sew first? I’m such a first-born!

And that’s what he is doing in the picture above. After every seam he would stop and sigh. There was so much worth telling me about. “I just love the name Husquvarna. They sure make great machines!” And, “You know, Mom, I just love the chug chug sound it makes! It’s so sweet!” And, “You know, Mom, this thing even sews straighter seams!” And, “Wow, I can’t believe I finished this so fast… I would still be working on the first one if I was using Ol’ Rusty!” You all know where this is going, right?? I mean, he’s kinda transparent in his salesmanship. He relies on constant dripping over subtlety. Wonder where he learned that?

new machine view.jpg

I would be remiss if I didn’t include a picture of the view from my sewing machine: dirty screens, window reflection, and fading sunlight included. It’s such an amazing view, I don’t know how much sewing I’ll get done. I think new screens will be in order for the spring and some sweet curtains to frame the view. Who knows, maybe the red box will motivate me and I’ll get around to actually painting my room with a view.

9 Responses to “A Room With A View”

  • IZ:

    I thought your sewing room solution was quite clever – nice of you to share your space with the boy. I’m at least relieved that you were able to finally get the machine working… migraines are such a killer. I’m assuming that the boy’s rantings and ravings about the Viking serve as a proxy for your own. 😉


    Ahem.  As I’m a Southern girl, I do not rant nor rave.  I gush.  And darling, it’s absolutely PERFECT!!  I’ll post on that later.  You know, when I get to use my own machine!  Can you believe he’s still up there sewing?? ~W

  • IZ:

    I can. It is tactile. It is a machine. It whirs and moves and has a hint of danger. (IE – be careful not to sew THROUGH your finger.) He’s just lucky he lives in a home where we don’t stereotype.

  • Happy birthday week!! Yes, a wiley child indeed. If the seams are indeed straighter, I’d like mine sewn on it as well, please…;-) I finally found the box where my fabric is. Yea!

    Have fun with your new machine. Why is it that men read manuals but not maps?


    Um, I have a sneaking feeling that all Bag Bags will be sewn on my new machine—but as he’s 10 don’t hold out for perfection! 😀 And the map thing… I have NO idea.  ~W

  • The view is gorgeous, and I love G. sewing. Our Ashley is a great seamstress, but Alison has no interest at all. It seems to come and go in our family. My mom is great; I am terrible…


    My mom is a professional. . . and that was really hard growing up, because she and I just approach things (life in general) from very different perspectives.  For years, I wouldn’t let IZ get me a new machine because I wasn’t sure I had what it took to really sew.  But this past year, I’ve become so enamored with sewing, and with the boy sewing, it seemed like the right time!  Now, I can hardly wait for the weekend to start a project… question is, which one! 😀 ~W

  • What a wonderful post, from top to bottom. I love the basic red box and, like the boy, I think the name is cool. It’s a beautiful machine, a wonderful space and a delightful activity for you to share with the boy. I’m collecting more orders for bag bags- I continue to rate them 10 out of 10! Ours holds about 20 bags and they always come out one at a time, just the way they’re supposed to.

    This, incidentally, was better than the other post, which you might still write. Because this one is about things under your control that you make go right. 🙂
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your birthday week so much. Also, I think there’s a delectable sort of pleasure in approaching these things slowly, with caution and anticipation.


    Well, I’m easily overwhelmed. I know this about myself.  So, I pace myself–otherwise, I end up frozen.  As for the boy–he’s having a blast as am I. It’s nice to share something with him, as so much of what he does is so beyond my comprehension.  Runway models, I get–molecular models? Not so much!  He spent the evening making these really cool free form patches out on his machine for me to add to a skirt or bag.  He’s just so much fun at 10!

    As for the other post… it probably won’t get written.  My guess is I will vent it out over wine tomorrow night with the girls and leave it be.  There are moments, though… you know? ~W

  • And look at all those stitches!


    Heh, we are giddy! 😀 ~W

  • Very nice machine. I love my Viking. I’m glad Boy Wonder is loving it too. It’s nice when the kids can appreciate the good stuff and CREATE. 🙂 Happy birthday YEAR!! heck, we can celebrate ourselves all year, right?? I hope you get to use your new machine soon. Oh, thanks for the pic of beautiful Astoria. You could probably throw some bird poop on the window and it would STILL BE beautiful, just kind of grosser! 🙂 tee hee


    I’m happy to be your Astoria Pusher! 😀 And thanks for the birthday greetings.  ~W

  • Shawn is the same way… if it were my gift… he’d actually be the first one to sew on it for two weeks due to being lured in by its gadget-goodness!

    I hope you’re having fun with your new toy! 🙂


    I am!  Although, today, I’m busy cleaning because rumor has it I have crafty goodness people coming to my house to drink wine and eat cake! God forbid they every saw how we really live! 😀 ~W

  • So jealing about your machine. Look at all of those stitches!!! *sigh* I dream of the day when I can get a cool machine with more than 10 built-in stitches.

    Hope you had a good b-day!


    I did have a great birthday week. Lots of fun.  And the sewing machine was well worth the wait! 😀 ~W

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